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"How can I keep from getting ripped off by shady promoters and venues?"

I feel your pain. Every musician has their fair share of touring stories where they drove 6+ hours only to be told, "Sorry, you're not getting paid."

I solved this problem for my own band once I started sending contracts for our shows. When we did this, we instantly weeded out 99% of offers that wouldn't have ended up well for us financially. 

Here's why you need the details of your shows in writing:

  1. It's part of being the boss. When you take control of your music career, you get to call the shots about what terms work for you.

  2. It's what the pros do. You'll attract the right promoters, and be taken seriously by them, when you use contracts like the headliners do.

  3. It protects everyone. A legally binding agreement increases the likelihood that everyone will be on their best behavior throughout the partnership.

Here's the exact performance contract that my band uses to stop getting screwed over!

When I'd had enough of shady "opportunities," I met with an entertainment lawyer to set up an easy, readable, customizable contract that I could use every time I booked my own band. We've been using it ever since, and now I'm making it available for you as a 3-page Word doc. Just replace the highlighted text with your own show and contact info, and save as a PDF. 

Grab it for only $12.50 (50% off) in the next 15 minutes only!