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Throw the Fight

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Throw The Fight is a post-hardcore band based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota that specializes in hook-driven melodic hard rock. Transmissions is the band's third full-length album and I was tasked with developing the visuals that would be carried throughout their latest album cycle in a variety of formats.

The design direction was fairly straight-forward. The title Transmissions was meant to allude to the group's latest batch of songs being sent into the world—their latest transmission so-to-speak. The design aesthetic was meant to have a sci-fi anaglyph feel meets Total Recall vibe. Deliverables included album packaging, merchandise designs, tour admat, logo, video visuals, website development & social media graphics.


Graphic design, web design, art direction, producer, guitars: Ryan Baustert
Band photography: Cory Wilaby
Video animation: Josh Knoff
Director, producer, cinematographer: Joe Wiegele
Assistant director: Josh Hoglund

Throw The Fight Transmissions album artwork
Throw The Fight website design
Throw The Fight poster design
Throw The Fight merchandise designs

Throw The Fight “Drown With Me” lyric video

Video animation & editing: Josh Knoff
Art direction & design: Ryan Baustert

Throw The Fight “Don't Let Me Down” music video

Director: Joe Wiegele
Produced by: Joe Wiegele, Ryan Baustert
Cinematographer / Editor: Joe Wiegele
Assistant Director: Josh Hoglund

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